Monday, June 10, 2013

Teressa Collins: Layout

Our second class of the day on Friday was designed by Teressa Collins. Poor TC had only flown in that morning! She did great battling the jetlag and tiredness and was super lovely :) Her daughter is so cute too. 

Pretty cool huh? Next up is a shot with pictures added. I used random pictures I had of my nephews and nieces when I last went to visit theme. I did have to rip up the pennants on the first page otherwise they would've covered my nephew #1's gorgeous face.  You will also see I had to move the doily otherwise it would've covered nephew #2! BTW the numbers used refer to their birth order not  their ranking in my eyes. Gee, what kind of Aunty do you think I am?

The second page has 2 file folders with extra pictures inside. I made a flip up book inside the bigger one with some extra pics. Must add that photo in here (when I get time).

Can you recognise 2 themes here? Yup, file folders are all the range and I am going to say, when I get time, a lot!

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