Thursday, July 22, 2010

I think a parrot exploded in there

It appears I have been remiss in updating my blog. One would expect either I am too busy to update or there is nothing exciting or creative going on to report on. The reason why you (my many readers) get an update today is because I have been static since getting a spasm in my back while getting ready for work Wednesday morning. Not fun and very boring! At least I can now sit up which means I can read and today I am even able to update the blog. I can now report that daytime TV is very boring especially when you can't move well enough to change the channel every time it gets boring. Bring back the daytime soaps I say; I only get to watch them once in a while when there is nothing better to do but that is enough to figure out what is going on. It is amazing how many times some one can die/disappear and suddenly be back on the show again. Dr Phil and Oprah just didn't do it for me this week.

Last weekend I went to SENZ in Christchurch which means I am now under more stress having time off this week ( I can neither confirm or deny that I may have spent lots while down there). I didn't even try to fool myself or anyone else this time by saying "I won't spend too much" or " I only have $X to spend and then that's it" - in the words of the famous Tui adds "Yeah Right!". At least I released myself from the guilt this time. It wasn't all scrapbook shopping. I did manage to find a gorgeous felted wool jacket top that is bright green. Yes, bright green! Dad says it is very Irish (more than once I'd like to point out). Even the best friend said "oookaaaaay, at least you like it" which translates to: it is very normal for you to be attracted to bright colours. You are ok with that and so will I be, as long as you don't walk to close to me as we walk down the street. We've been best friends since third form so we know each other pretty well and can read between the lines quite well.

Most people who are best friends are very similar but for me and my BFF we have many differences in our personality and likes and preferences. I remember one day opening the BFFs closet door and laughed at the colour range before me: navy, black, grey with a few spots of colour for events. I turned to the BFF and commented on the difference between our wardrobes: If you opened my wardrobe door you would think a parrot had exploded in there!

I better add a disclaimer in here and point out that the BFF isn't boring or limited in embracing colour. I think the work uniform is the main culprit. However, I was banned from wearing orange for her wedding. Being the BFF that I am, I complied. It's only one day and it's her day, besides, red is close enough to orange :)

The BFF and I have been friends for 20 years (yikes, how did that happen!) and have the benefit of knowing who we were then and who we are now. If you want your friendship to remain it has to grow with the people in it. I am not the same kid I was back then but what I've been through during that time has shaped who I am today. We aren't those carefree kids without responsibilities any more and we now have other things that demand our attention. Being a BFF to one another is recognising the other demands and being ok with letting those demands take precedence when necessary.

So how did I get from SENZ to a rant on friendships and exploding parrots? I think the Irish, bright green jacket was the link. I wore it to work on Monday (as you do when something is new) and was very surprised not to be made fun of by the two guys I work with. Maybe it's not that lurid at all?

Speaking of things Irish. I (actually my Mum) has sourced my favourite Irish beverage at a local supermarket. This was a week after I hunted it down through word of mouth to an Irish pub in town. $12.50 a bottle versus $6 at the supermarket. I went to an Irish pub/restaurant in Chch and was disappointed to learn that they didn't have it, even though it was on the outside menu. Turns out they are changing the menu and beverage choices. O well, the meal was great so I guess I will forgive them.