Friday, July 6, 2012

Where Did That Lady Go?

The 65th Birthday card I promised you. There are a few things I wasn't happy with but left it all the same - don't ask me about coloring the chipboard numbers which were originally shiny and green. Ok, I'll tell you anyway. I had the idea of glossy, smooth, white numbers for the card. I will just white emboss some numbers in my stash I thought. My heart sank as I watched the embossing slide around and off the numbers under the heat gun. Next idea: I would peel off the coloured layer and colour them with paint. The outcome was chalky, lumpy numbers, not the glossy, smooth image I had in my head. Idea #3: add a coat of white embossing over the paint. It worked ok, but I had to add more than one layer and I just couldn't get it smooth. After a few attempts I realised it wasn't worth the level of my angst and decided to use them as they were. Not so sure about the happy birthday ribbon either - moving on...

On a happier, more content note; I discovered that I could use my Stampin' Up! half round punch to create holders for the coupon! Something was going my way, unlike the jammed square punch that is currently sitting on my desk. What happened, you ask? Well, I saw an online tip about cutting perfect notches on the ends of pennants by using your small square punch. Brilliant I thought and tried it out as I really dislike unevenly cut notches on my pennants. The only trouble is: I tried using it on ribbon that was kind of plasticy, not cardstock. Punch stuck and hasn't budged since. It's been two months or more. No exaggeration - it was used [unsuccessfully] on my Mother's Day card which I made ahead of time as documented in an earlier post. Those of you who read my blog regularly and commit the wisdom within to memory will know (just cracking myself up with that one).

On this card I got to experiment with my new Hero Arts background stamp and Tim Holtz distress markers. I've also been experimenting with new Tim Holtz spring distress ink and making cards with the results. I've also tried out another online idea and made them into cards too.  It unsettles me to note that I've been making a few cards this year, more than ever before even, and sadly few layouts. I have previously mentioned my little secret of disliking making cards and preference for layouts which begs the question: where has that lady gone?