Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's On My Desk?

What's on my desk right now? A lot! I'm working on a little something for my niece which has turned into a little something multi-layered and time consuming. The first photo (below) is what the album started out as - $1 target mini album. It is no longer pink and I've had to make spacers for all the items I needed/wanted to add to the album. Still not finished which is why there is literally so much on my desk right now. I keep losing things and wasting time looking for things that I know are under the mass (not a typo) somewhere. You know you have to tidy up or reduce your stash when you can't find things. I 'lost' a new porcelain sanding foam within days of placing it on my desk. I can't find either my half-full large bottle of Kraftex or my glue gun. Neither live on my desk or in my creative space but I still can't find them. I ended up having to open a new, large bottle of Kraftex and buy a new [mini] glue gun. It's getting too expensive to be overwhelmed with mess (which is why I only replaced the glue gun with a mini version for $8). I think I may have lent them out and they never made it home again along with my chiffon ribbon spool that went missing over a year ago. Note to Self: maybe a New Years resolution should be start making notes/lists of items I lend out. I don't do New Years Resolutions, but if I did, I think that is a good one to start.
Lots of Blog-hopping going on at the moment - lots of competitions and inspiration on offer. O and I've recently discovered Pinterest! What an amazing, wonderful, distracting site! As well as the constant distractions there is the little issue of getting 4 weeks of work done in 3 with the Christmas break rushing it's way towards us. Plus: it's the Silly Season! So, there's a lot of celebrating going on. Not just Christmas celebrations happening around here either: I've had four birthdays to celebrate in the past three weeks (not all mine!). On top of all that, there has been some visiting friends from away, a wee bit of socialising, and maybe, not that I am confessing to anything here, a little, coughalotcough, of online shopping. O yeah, I am also contemplating submitting for a design team again - sucker for punishment? (That would require finding some time to actually create some submissions though). Phew! That's a lot going on which is why I hope you will forgive me for not updating or inspiring you.
The above picture is something I whipped up for a birthday - there seems to have been a real run on 40ths this year! I have Pinterest to thank for the idea - thank goodness the recipient had a sense of humour too! I think that this idea might be one I pull out again in the future (if the run on 40ths hasn't stopped).
Now, if you were reading closely you would've seen me mention blog-hopping and competitions. Well, I found out I received a prize from one of the blog comments I left! I was so stunned and blown away to receive the prize from Jennifer McGuire's blog. The prize was a Gift Certificate from Simon Says Stamp! I'm sure I will have no problem spending the voucher (and then some).
As a small way of showing my appreciation for their generosity I thought I would add links here for both of their sites: