Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Finally a Challenge

It's been awhile but I have finally been able to create something for a Simon Says Stamp challenge.  Of course I chose an easy one: Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge - Anything Goes.  The details for the challenge are here.

It is important to note that I have packed up my creative space recently.  I haven't had the time or the products available to me but I managed to create something with the limited resources I have on hand.  A few ordered items winged their way to me while my craft gear is packed away and I decided to re-purpose some of the packaging. I got a new Webster Pages Folio (love these things - you can get them at SSS) and they come with a piece of vellum with the word "Hello" embossed in gold. I'm not one to let a lovely piece of work go to waste.  I used the vellum to make a dashboard (?) for a newly acquired Kikki-K planner (she's blush and tangerine coloured - gorgeous).  I say dashboard (?) because I'm not sure I understand what a dashboard is!  In this case I used it as a decorative cover page for my planner.

Of course, I had to add a little decoration to the back as well.

Stamps: Citrus Twist Kits, Technique Tuesday, StudioL2e, Studio Calico
Washi: Doodlebug
Printed Cardstock: Simple Stories
Pen: Sharpie
Ink: Ranger, Delight

Monday, May 2, 2016

SSS Anything Goes

The latest Wednesday challenge at Simon Says Stamp is Anything Goes! I love it when it's that simple to meet the guidelines.

This year I am attempting to document everyday life in a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner. I'm using the black and white striped version from last year (they didn't arrive until April and I wanted to start from January). All last year I had to enviously see everyone else's feeds of their Heidi Swapp Memory Planner creations. This year it's finally my turn. I'm not sure if anyone would be envious of my creative planning play though.

This is where I admit that April is the most completed month in my memory planner. It would be great to add details on a daily basis but basically life doesn't always allow for that (especially when you're away a lot). Jan-March are penciled in; I just need to find the time to either write them up permanently or stamp them up. I need to get better at adding decoration; not just stamps and writing.

First up is my April at a glance page. I have used a variety of planner stamps; some may or may not have arrived in a parcel from SSS recently....

The blank spot is for a StudioL2e Stamp set I have yet to purchase.....

Next up is an example from the Weekly view from April:

The empty spaces are for photos (I have to get them printed)

And one close up of the right hand side.  The quotes at the top and bottom of the pages are quotes from people I follow on Instagram:

With the intention of adding things daily I pre-stamped the days of the week for May.  As you can see from the photo, that is as far as I have got. But, to be fair, it is only May 3rd today.

The stamp set I used for the days of the week is from StudioL2e (I'm not confirming if it was in the recent SSS delivery).  It was a last minute addition to my order and it is perfectly sized for planners. I think you will be seeing this frequently in future planner posts.

Challenge Details: Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge is here. The theme is: Anything Goes.

Stamps: Pink & Main, StudioL2e, Technique Tuesday, Heidi Swapp, Kelly Winnell (new to me)
Ink: Ranger, Stampin' Up!, Prima
Decoration: Fancy Pants (Office Suite ephemera), MAMBI washi, Stampin' Up! pennant punch, Heidi Swapp Memory Planner paper pad, Typo days of the week stickers.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Planner Pages

Just in case I don't get around to posting any new posts in April, I thought I would share my planner pages from a week in March. Otherwise certain people, coughLeighcough, will let me know I haven't updated the blog lol!

It felt really good to stamp up a week ahead in my everyday planner. Not only was it creative it also made my day-to-day a little more pretty.  I put this spread together after I completed the Unfinished Projects lists from my previous post. For that project I used a pre-printed card by Simple Stories from Natalie May's class at CAD 2015. The "Unstoppable" [bottom left] and "I am enjoying the Journey" [bottom right] pieces are leftovers from this class as well.  I used washi tape from Illustrated Faith on the top and bottom borders. I scribbled over the words I wanted to highlight with American Crafts permanent markers.  Unfortunately, the stamping in yellow ink for the pennants and "Be Thankful" don't show up well in the photograph.

I liked using the stamped star pennant for my to-do lists each day and it was a new layout for me.

I do have a Heidi Swapp memory planner for this year but I have only managed to get everything down in pencil for now.  The Month in Review section is done for Jan-March though.  I pre-stamped everything for April with the intention of filling it in daily or weekly but that hasn't happened. I haven't even got April pencilled in at all yet. At this rate I will be still working on getting it all down in permanent ink way into 2017!

Stamps: Pink & Main, StudioL2e, Technique Tuesday
Inks: Prima
Washi:  Illustrated Faith & Bella Boulevard collaboration.
Pre-printed Cardstock: Simple Stories

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gone Girl 2

It's been brought to my attention that I haven't updated my blog in awhile. Apologies for the neglect, but I'm sure you have managed to carry on with your lives much the same in my absence.

The reason for the lack of blog updates is I have been gallivanting around, enjoying my own country as a tourist to places I have never been, Northland, and as a repeat tourist,Wellington. I spent a few weeks travelling around Northland, first going up the east coast then back down the west coast. I have only been to Whangarei as a day trip to the 'city' when my family (minus 1 sibling) went on a last family vacation to Kelly's Bay (near Dargaville). I didn't want to mar the entire Northland with memories of that trip so it was nice to see some other parts which lived up to their hype. Beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches and a lot of important history. It actually left me with a desire to read up on New Zealand history but I was pleased to recognise some of the events and places that are important in the area. I was also really pleased to note how much my generation has picked up Maori vocabulary and use it naturally in everyday language simply by being exposed to it in a lot of settings (schools, public documents, slang even).

Some of the highlights include:
Russell - beautiful stone beach and lots of history including the place of our first capital (Okiato)
Waitangi - where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed (what some would call the founding document of our country)
Cape Reinga - you can see where the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea meet ( just don't run out of camera battery half way down the long, steep and windy path - true story!)
Rarawa Beach - fine white sand that squeaks (especially if you kick at the ground with your feet - true story)
Buried Kauri - the sheer size of them is impressive to say the least.

Finally I can say I have been to the tip of the North Island, Cape Reinga, and the bottom of the South Island, Bluff, and a lot of places in between. Next on the list is the Nelson area.

On the crafting side of life I whipped up a UFO [UnFinished prOject] page for my Goal's book.  I created it from leftovers from the Simple Stories layout by Natalie May from CAD 2015, old alphabet stickers from my stash and bits and pieces from my pre-punched planner stash. Pretty simple but done. It means I can tick something off my to do list too.

Maybe I should add 'Update Blog' to the UFO list...

Papers: Filofax, Simple Stories, Scraps
Stickers: Simple Stories, unbranded alpha stickers from the Warehouse (seriously old)
Stamps: Technique Tuesday
Ink: Ranger
Punch:  Franchville (pennant)
Die: Spellbinders (arrow)
Pen: Sakura

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Simon Says Stamp Challenge

Welcome to the New Year. As it is a new year I needed to choose a new One Little Word (OLW) for 2016. My OLW for 2015 was Sparkle and my new word for this year is Thrive. After the last few months I have had I definitely needed a hopeful and positive word for 2016.

It has been a good start to the new year so far: a little crafting, a little de-cluttering and a lot of resting. It feels wonderful to be creating again. I have only been doing short bursts here and there and finding new ways to create while keeping my body comfortable. I guess my new approach for 2016 will be finding new ways to do old things.

One of the projects I worked on is a cover page for my new goals book. This year I tried a new approach of actually writing down my goals for this year.  I put my OLW on the title page to remind me to thrive while I achieve my new goals. Behind the cover page I brainstormed what the word thrive means to me.  I used my new Heidi Swapp spray inks to create the page.

I have separated my goals into three key areas: Body, Soul and Spirit.  On the next pages I have written down the main goals under each key area.  I colour-coded each of the key areas: blue for Body, pink for Soul and purple for Spirit (not shown).

Next I created a tabbed section for each key area. Under each key area I repeated my goals but added in steps to achieving them. As Dr Phil says: the difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline. This is new for me as I usually think of the goals but don't necessarily put down all the steps to achieving them. For example, one of the goals I have under the key area Soul is Saving/Financial Stability. In the Soul tabbed section I have written down what that means - things like learning the difference between needs and wants and tracking spending etc.  I plan on using lists and encouragement under each key area for encouragement too.  Each tab got a title page as well. First up is Body:

Then Soul: I used new stickers from Rosies Studio and Simple Stories

Finally Spirit: I used my new stamps from Neat & Tangled and Illustrated Faith washi on this page

I am using a personal size Filofax (red - of course) and I am using the calendar from last year that came with it. I will white out the old dates and add new dates as needed. In this yellow tabbed section [daily] I will write down successes and failures that occur. Again the entries will be colour-coded.  I have also further colour-coded my Saving goal entries in green so I can specifically see which entries relate to that goal. For example on one day this week I had to write an epic fail entry in green as I ordered some more scrapbooking items online!!!

I'll let you know later in the year how this new approach is working for me.

I am entering this new project in two challenges at Simon Says Stamp as they both have the same theme: Something New (hence the emphasis on the new)
Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge is here
Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge is here.

Filofax Domino
Inks: Heidi Swapp, Ranger, Stampin' Up!
Card: American Crafts
Stamps: Neat & Tangled, Studio Calico
Embellishments: American Crafts - Thickers, Puffy icons; Simple Stories - stickers; Bella Boulevard/Illustrated Faith - washi; Rosies Studio - stickers;  Ranger - perfect pearls; Kaisercraft - stickers; Creative Imaginations - rub-ons; Tassle Charm - Ribtex, Carfters Choice.
Pens; Frixion, Kikki K
Other: Labels

Friday, December 18, 2015

Gone Girl

It has been a long time since I blogged. I'm sorry about that. More sorry than you know. Not much creating has been going on as I'm still trying to get on top of a health issue. Unfortunately for my credit card, it hasn't stopped me buying more supplies even though I can't create right now. Thank goodness for Black Friday sales and online US stores who do international shipping. (The Bank Manager doesn't thank them though)

On a happier note (pun intended) I was ecstatic to see that I won the Inspiration Emporium prize for my last entry. Thank you so much Inspiration Emporium; you brightened my day.

Remember the red pocket Filofax that has been mentioned in my previous posts? Well, I've finally decided to use it to track my spending, budget and savings goals. I'm trying to decide if I will use it as my wallet as well by using a cash envelope system. Still working on the envelope bit but I did notice my wallet has some serious cracks in it. A lot of cashiers comment on my wallet as it has loads of card spaces (4 rows). It holds all my store cards and still has room for more. If I switch to using the pocket Filofax as my wallet, it will seriously reduce my cards and store cards - it only has 3 slots! Good thing or not? To be determined......

The week-to-view pages are used write down all my spending: cash, debit and credit cards. I then used the included note pads to set up pages for sections of my budget in the dividers: Savings, Cash, Medical, Scrap for example. I decorated them very simply ( while sitting quietly on my bed) using thin washi (my new obsession), a pennant punch and scrap paper. A little stamping was added with my planner stamps (another obsession).

Here's a couple of page examples to show you how I used them last month:

The Post-Its show what payments need to be made to my credit card for purchases from the budget type (envelope).

Thought I better blur out the present amounts so no one knows how much I spent on other peoples presents.

My original budget is  in Excell on my laptop but it is good to have another copy on hand so I can see at any time where I am at.

I also made a wee charm for the inside cover page of my budget book. It was the first time I made one and I simply love it. I just grabbed some trinkets and printed twill and put them on a specialty safety pin (it came on some clothing tags - freebie!)

Now to decide what to do with the other two Filofaxes I bought on sale.  I'm not a pink kinda gal but I think I like the fuchsia pink one more than the black one. Red is still my favourite though.

Charm: Papervinz trinket, Crafters Choice tassel, Typo twill tape

Pages: Paper - Filofax and assorted scraps; Punch - Stampin' Up!; Washi - Amy Tangerine, Recollections; Stamps - Pink & Main, Waffle Flower, StudioL2E; Ink - Ranger; Post-Its - Dollar Store.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy Clips

I'm so happy to be crafting again. I have been unwell recently and have been resting - boring!  This means I have not been able to play in my craft room which makes me unhappy.  Yesterday I felt well enough to try a quick project.  Once again I kept current challenges in mind from Simon Says Stamp, Inspiration Emporium and A Blog Named Hero (more details on them at the end).

When I saw the Kelly Purkey and Hero Arts die plus stamp combo for planner clips I just had to have it. I stalked every place I knew I could order it from. It would go out of stock super quickly everywhere I looked (or the shipping to NZ was too expensive). Eventually, I managed to place an order before it went out of stock [again]. I was so excited and oh so happy. I waited patiently for it to arrive and when it did, it when straight to my craft desk. And there it sat. Occasionally, I would move it around as I worked on other projects. (I can''t believe I am even admitting this out loud!). This was the set I just had to have, remember? The challenges gave me the impetus to actually crack open the packet and put it to work. Once I cut one set of the planner clips and saw how awesome they were I just kept grabbing other pieces of scrap cardstock and kept feeding them through my machine. Seriously, awe.some!

Once the clips were cut, after my euphoria at how awesome they were had calmed down, I set to using the matching stamp on the diecuts. Hey, why stop there; I played with other stamp sets I had as well. Everything just worked together so brilliantly! I was so happy!

These are the clips I made. Some of them are double-sided (stamped on both sides)

See, I said this die and stamp set is awesome.

More beauties - the B sides of the double-sided ones:

Remember that cute, red Filofax I showed you in my last post? My plan was to use the clips in this planner and boy, do they look fab. This makes me so happy.  I cut plenty more and I have put them in my stash for use on other projects as they still look awesome naked (not stamped). Very. Happy.

You might have noticed my [excessive?] use of the word happy. This is because the Inspiration Emporium challenge is: Happy. I was so happy to finally be ok to play. I was so happy to crack into my just had to have it product (finally!). I was so happy to see how awesome the die cuts are and how cool they look in my planner. The details for the challenge are here.

The other challenges I am entering are:
Simon Says Stamp: Work it Wednesday - Use a Stamp. The details are here.
Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge - Use a Stamp. The details are here.
Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge - No Designer Paper. I didn't use any designer paper for these clips. I used scrap cardstock and stamps to add colour and patterns. The teal patterned clips are actually cut from the packaging for Kaisercraft pocket scrapbooking cards - the inside was patterned (brilliant!). The details are here.
A Blog Named Hero - Die Cutting. For once I was able to use a Hero Art product for their challenge: the planner clips die and stamp combo by Kelly Purkey.  The details are here.

Materials: Die - Hero Arts/Kelly Purkey; Stamps - Hero Arts/Kelly Purkey, Technique Tuesday, Pink & Main, Ruby Rocket; Ink - Stampin' Up!, Ranger. Various Cardstock Scraps and Kaisercraft packaging.