Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's the new year already?

Where did 2010 go? Considering it's been two months since the last blog post I probably should make 'blogging more regularly' a new year's resolution. Lots has been happening since the last post including a week enjoying the sun in Oz. It was unusual for me to go on a holiday overseas where I wasn't doing any sight seeing or visiting. All I did was relax and maybe a little shopping; it was just perfect. I've also just got back from New Years at the beach which was another nice break from the everyday (and work).

I finally got my layout back that was published in Up2Scrap and I can share it with you here. I saw the issue in the supermarket and opened it to have a look at my layout. i got a bit of a shock to see it was used for the opening page of that section. It was a half page photo which gave me a bit of a shock! I was disappointed to note that they had put the hanging medallion up in their picture. I guess they did that to make it easier for people to read the journalling. but to me it just left a gapping [but delicately shaded] hole in the layout. I was hoping to get some creating done over the Christmas break but it has been too hot. Besides, after the month I had in December I was hanging out for some time off to just relax! I will also load a picture of the acrylic layouts I did at SENZ in July (and finished much later). I've also loaded a close up of the dog's layout so you can see just how gorgeous my wee man is - and the embellishments that hang of the edge too :)

Back to relaxing for me and maybe I'll start on all the projects and ideas that are piling up in my head and on my workdesk.