Friday, December 18, 2015

Gone Girl

It has been a long time since I blogged. I'm sorry about that. More sorry than you know. Not much creating has been going on as I'm still trying to get on top of a health issue. Unfortunately for my credit card, it hasn't stopped me buying more supplies even though I can't create right now. Thank goodness for Black Friday sales and online US stores who do international shipping. (The Bank Manager doesn't thank them though)

On a happier note (pun intended) I was ecstatic to see that I won the Inspiration Emporium prize for my last entry. Thank you so much Inspiration Emporium; you brightened my day.

Remember the red pocket Filofax that has been mentioned in my previous posts? Well, I've finally decided to use it to track my spending, budget and savings goals. I'm trying to decide if I will use it as my wallet as well by using a cash envelope system. Still working on the envelope bit but I did notice my wallet has some serious cracks in it. A lot of cashiers comment on my wallet as it has loads of card spaces (4 rows). It holds all my store cards and still has room for more. If I switch to using the pocket Filofax as my wallet, it will seriously reduce my cards and store cards - it only has 3 slots! Good thing or not? To be determined......

The week-to-view pages are used write down all my spending: cash, debit and credit cards. I then used the included note pads to set up pages for sections of my budget in the dividers: Savings, Cash, Medical, Scrap for example. I decorated them very simply ( while sitting quietly on my bed) using thin washi (my new obsession), a pennant punch and scrap paper. A little stamping was added with my planner stamps (another obsession).

Here's a couple of page examples to show you how I used them last month:

The Post-Its show what payments need to be made to my credit card for purchases from the budget type (envelope).

Thought I better blur out the present amounts so no one knows how much I spent on other peoples presents.

My original budget is  in Excell on my laptop but it is good to have another copy on hand so I can see at any time where I am at.

I also made a wee charm for the inside cover page of my budget book. It was the first time I made one and I simply love it. I just grabbed some trinkets and printed twill and put them on a specialty safety pin (it came on some clothing tags - freebie!)

Now to decide what to do with the other two Filofaxes I bought on sale.  I'm not a pink kinda gal but I think I like the fuchsia pink one more than the black one. Red is still my favourite though.

Charm: Papervinz trinket, Crafters Choice tassel, Typo twill tape

Pages: Paper - Filofax and assorted scraps; Punch - Stampin' Up!; Washi - Amy Tangerine, Recollections; Stamps - Pink & Main, Waffle Flower, StudioL2E; Ink - Ranger; Post-Its - Dollar Store.