Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy to be what I call "creative"

How good it feels to be creating again! I sat down and devoured the latest Creating Keepsakes magazine last weekend (Nov/Dec 2010) and I was inspired to use the 15 Minute Layout idea. Now, I don't normally scrapbook using a sketch but I thought I would give it a go. Trouble was: I had to clear a space on my desk which was still overflowing with bits and bobs from my last project (yes, unfinished - hangs head in shame). So, a quick 15 Minute (cough - 30-60 minute) layout turned into a 2+ hour marathon with the initial 1hr+ needed to clear a usable space on my desk. I still have three sorted piles left to put away but I didn't want to waste any more of my precious scrapbooking time/energy in cleaning up. I know the 'clean up as you go' freaks out there are probably wanting to put their two pennies in here but let's move on before they can :)

The 15+ Minute layout turned out quite well but of course it took me longer because a) I don't have a complete, coordinating line to work with and b) I have to ink the edges of everything so that there is at least one unifying thing that ties it all in together (because it's not from a complete, coordinating line). It is A4 size and now I have the problem of where to store it as the only A4 album I have is for the dog (yes, he has his own album!). I must confess that I popped it in the back of the dog's one - must get on to creating either a new A4 album or more A4 [human] layouts to join it and thus making it not quite so weird. I'm not ready to share it as yet, need to get the parents permission as it has a pic of BFF's second daughter - Miss 2.

Currently I'm working on my 2010 double layout. Yes, I may be a bit behind (ok, 1 year) but at least I am getting back on track in early 2012. Every year since 2007 I create a double layout using index photos from that year. It is very simple and follows a similar design each year: Black cardstock (although 2009 broke the tradition & used green), index photos, [handmade] chipboard numbers for the year spanning both pages two thirds the way up the page, photo corners on the four outside corners, and mini journaling. Of course, I don't want to show that on here either - too personal to share with all the cyber stalkers out there!

Instead, you get a picture of some fridge magnets I made for my Mum. Those of you who actually read my blog will see that the paper on the pegs matches the paper used on the recipe folder I made for her last year. They were super quick and easy to make (yes, might even be doable within the 15 minute mark). Now the fridge has a set of magnets that blends with the kitchen design instead of a mishmash of all the free, advertising, rectangle magnets that you get given. Ah pretty!

Just as a final note: I watched a rerun of one of my favourite shows last night (Miranda) and I fear that parts of this blog may have been influenced by her style - apologies. It really is lovely being what I call "creative" again! Such Fun! ;)