Thursday, September 16, 2010

Highlight for the week

My best friend's almost 3-year old daughter hugged my leg and looked up at me to ask: you my fren [friend] aye?

Yes, my darling I am your friend and you are mine.

An update is well overdue

The blog hasn't been updated in a while - don't most of my posts start with that? We've had family visiting so I was making the most of the time available to spend with my nephews and nieces. A fab time was had by all, we managed to take a few family shots so I have a new stash to scrapbook (as soon as I actually get them printed).

I have lots of ideas floating around in my head but of course the scrap space had to be cleared and made into a bedroom for the family visit so the creative process was severely limited. I put some of the scrap space back together but I have a new invasion this weekend so I've had to create a bed-size space again. I am really wanting to work on a 2009 recap double layout (I've done one since 2007) today but I know I really should leave the 'bedroom' space alone. It's probably not very welcoming to have to fit your belongings around a layout in progress and worry about losing a vital piece of the layout (esp when the layout uses index photos).

My purchases (thank you with 50% coupons) arrived with the family so of course I got them all out the day the family left. And I did manage to finish the acrylic pages I started at SENZ in the small bit of floor space in the office/scraproom/bedroom. I guess I could get off the couch, snap some pics and put them up here for you....nah too lazy. I'll stick with a photo I used for an online challenge (which I won - thanks Megan @ Betterscrapbooking!). The photo challenge was simply to photograph your creative space as it is right now/then. Hmmmm, I really need to get more tech-savvy and figure out how to get the picture where I want, and not simply where the programme puts it.

Other news (apart from winning the photo challenge), I didn't get accepted for another design team I applied for but I did have another layout accepted for publication in Up2scrap. I submitted the layout in June but I didn't hear back from them so I added a few extra embellishments (the wallet photos kept falling into the pockets - of course I didn't custom fit the pocket when I did the layout!). I had to contact them and show them the updated version - they were still happy to publish it though. I wonder if they forgot to send me through an acceptance email because they said I needed to send the layout ASAP - to meet the next deadline I guess. I have no idea when it will be out but once it is published I will post it here. I'd really like to be published in Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooking Memories so I guess I should get back into it. I've had no luck as yet but I got to keep trying.

You need to use the latest products for submissions and sadly my local scrapbook shop is closing down today. There is another one in town but it isn't literally 5 mins up the road like the last one. Not getting accepted on a design team frees up my time to focus on designing what I want, when I want but it also means I don't get free stuff to play with. To be honest it is probably not the right thing for me physically to be on a design team right now because I really have been having a hard time bouncing back from the fall I had at work in April (no pun intended). I prayed about being accepted (ie, if it's not right thing for me physically then I won't be accepted) and I wasn't accepted so it's not the right thing for me right now. Will wait and see what the Lord has instore for me instead :)