Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm in Love...

I'm in love with Tim Holtz Tissue Tape - sigh! There may be an order of more than one wending its way to me as we speak (I neither confirm nor deny that statement).
When I was at one of those $2 shop style paces I came across some Kraft Paper Tape (just under 2" wide). As soon as I saw it, the wheels in my head started turning...imagine what I could do with that! Unfortunately, when I opened the packet (of course it came home with me!) the Kraft 'Paper' had a glossy finish which shut down many of the ideas churning around in my head. I thought it was plain paper topped and could be stamped and embossed. I did try embossing it but it was a disaster! Hmmm, I could try dry embossing it I guess but I might as well use Kraft cardstock for that. I did experiment with a grid stamp and stazon and that worked fine (spritzing it with Glimmer Mist did not work FYI!).
The strip on the left is a Tim Holtz Tissue Tape, did I mention I love Tim Holtz and his product? The middle strip is the kraft paper tape and the one on the right is the kraft paper tape I stamped on. It wasn't as versatile as I originally thought but I'm sure I will pull it out for the odd project here and there (not acid free though).
Just as well I have a few original Tim Holtz Tissue Tapes on their way :)