Monday, June 10, 2013

Maggie Armstrong: Layout

Our first class on Friday morning was a layout designed by Maggie Armstrong and featured a kiwiana theme - there were a lot of Aussies and one Yank attending. Maggie specifically designed the file folder to look like a camera and held a place for the photo booth photos I mentioned in my recap. The BFF and I had fun with our time in the booth (the whole weekend really).

Excuse the peg sticking out of the top of the file folder. It originally had the brass feather on it but it does a great job of holding the file closed. One of the ladies I met used the leftover paua pieces and covered it with them and it looks fab. I plan on doing that too (when I get the time). Another lady placed another file folder inside with extra pics from the weekend - I might try and do that too if I can find/make a folder to fit. 

Here's a picture with the camera open:

The cool Create title was made with beeswax and pigments.  You should have seen the floor after this layout: feathers everywhere and a strong scent of honey in the air.

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