Monday, June 10, 2013

Day Two: Donna Downey Art Journal

Boy, this last class on Saturday was a biggie - 5 hours! To be honest I hit the wall about 2 hours before the class end time. I think it was a combo of tiredness and lack of acrylic colours which the class had to share. I stayed to the end but I didn't linger to finish anything in my journal. I did get a picture with Donna and her signature in my journal. The handmade journals she gave us are gorgeous! I wanted to keep it just as it was - not mar it with paint! Take a look:

The inside pages are simply white Bazzil cardstock and random items like envelopes. I love them!

This class was totally different for me. Funnily enough, the BFF thought this class was more my thing than hers and that I would be more likely to do the artsy thing again than her. Turns out, she enjoyed it more than I! For me, I took away that I learned about how colours work together (or don't) but in a way that I saw and will remember without actually attending a class on how colours work. 

Part of me is embarrassed to show the pages but the thing about the album is that it is a place to play and see how things work (or don't). It is not something to pull out and say: look what I made. I am tempted though to pull out the pages I used and add new, clean ones in (I told you I like the journal itself!). Here's the journal pages as they are:

Okay, I cheated! This is a stamp that Donna did in my album for me.

I'm going to label the second to last one: child in a highchair with a tomato and mustard :)

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