Friday, October 12, 2012

Tie A Ribbon Around It Southern Girls

The latest challenge at Southern Girls Challenge is to use ribbon.

I am submitting the second card I made with a friend recently - it's the one where I learned that EK Success and Fiskars punches aren't compatible. The ribbon I used was again lying on the floor when I was grabbing gear to go in my kit. Do you want to know where it originated? It is one of the ribbons sewn into tops and dresses to stop them from falling off the hanger (otherwise known as snot - don't ask unless you really want to know!). They really bug me (no, 'bug the snot out of me' is not why they are otherwise known as snot around here, but good guess) so I always cut them off. They are the perfect size for cards and 6x6 layouts.

{the story of the snot has now been added below: read if you dare}

I am a little embarrassed to submit it as I don't like it that much but I wanted to seeing as I missed the last challenge by two hours! Two hours! Duh!

What did I learn from making this card: Tim Holtz Distress Pens are not good with acrylic stamps! Stampin' Up! markers are only a little better. This all reminds me that I really prefer rubber stamps.

Note: I didn't think people other than family actually stop to read the long blurbs I write. I thought they would just stop in to look at the [pretty] pictures and leave a comment for the challenges I have entered. I really appreciate it when someone actually reads it. Does this mean I need to change how and what I write? Maybe. Should I spell check more, use correct grammar? Probably. Will I? Probably not :) Anyways, this prompted me to add a note about the story of calling those annoying, hold-your-clothing-on the hanger ribbons snot. It's not really an interesting one but here goes.

The Story of Snot:
The first time I encountered the annoying ribbon thingies, let's just call them annoying ribbons for brevity, was a while back when I noticed these clear, rubbery 'ribbons' on a new top I bought. I just remember when this story takes place: it was the first time I want to Crafting Connection and the last time it ran. Hmmm, no connection I hope. Anyways, I digress. I don't like them, use them or find them useful at all. The only tops I've actually used them on never stayed on the hanger any way. Ooops, digressing again. I was sitting at a friend's house and the annoying ribbons had worked their way out from under my top again - grrr. My friend, sitting to my right said: your thingies are out again. Now, as a woman when someone tells you your thingies are out you don't think of the annoying ribbons first do you? Once I checked that my body parts were still covered I worked out what she meant.  I started to pick up the clear 'ribbon' and pull the whole length out from under my shirt. When I pulled it out I had pulled it out at face level. Ok, I may admit that I was more slouched than sitting on the couch and may not have had full coordination - I don't know why (ahem). From side on (my friend's position) the movement looked more like a magician pulling scarves out of a hat except the ribbon looked like it was being pulled out of my nose! Being clear really didn't look good. Even from my viewpoint it looked like I was pulling snot out of my nose. And that's why they are called snot around here :) What are they called anyway?!?!?


  1. Hi Manda, I like the simplicity of your design, great idea to turn useless ribbons into art!

    Thanks for joining us for our 'Tie a Ribbon round it' challenge.

    Kasey ~ in Oz
    Southern Girls DT

    PS. A little tip I learnt with acrylic stamps is to rub over the image with a pencil eraser, do this quite firmly, it seems to help the stamp pick up ink better. I do this with all my rubber stamps as well, it helps to prime the surface and removes the manufacturing chemicals, they really do pick up ink better.

  2. Thanks for the tip Kasey! I tried an old stamp the other day that I had never used before (It's in the Im So Happy I Could Zing post above). It felt really gluey and I couldn't remember the tip about the eraser that I had heard someone. I'm off to give that a try.

  3. Manda, this is a great card & such an ingenious way to use "snot"!! Ha ha! Thanks for playing along at SGC!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Your comment had me laughing. I better add a note explaining why it is called 'snot' around here :)

  4. I think this is a lovely card! Do not be embaressed with you work, love the way you used the ribbons!
    Thanks for playing at SGC

    Ps: I use baby wipes on my stamps before I use them the frist time.

  5. Thanks Eva. Thanks for the baby wipe tip too. I'm trying to get into challenges as a way to force me to create cards with my older stash - the chance to win a prize or two doesn't hurt either ;)

  6. Thanks for joining in with the Southern Girls this challenge, Have a great weekend,Julie.x

    1. Thanks Julie. I hope your long weekend was great too!

  7. So glad you made it this time, Manda! :) I like your card, it's simple, yet elegant. :)
    So I guess I'm not the only one who use these otherwise useless ribbons..
    Oh and btw, I always prime my acrylic stamps with Ranger's Archival Ink Jet Black. Just ink them up and let air dry. A tip from king Tim himself! ;)

    Hope we'll see you on our next challenge over at SGC!
    Hugs Siv

    1. Thanks for stopping by Siv. I use anything that stays still long enough for me to glue down ;)Thanks for the tip too. I should try each tip on a different stamp and see which one works best. I have that ink pad you suggested but the idea of not cleaning my stamp and ending up with a stained stamp might be a little too much for me to cope with :0