Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm So Happy I Could Zing!

Had a play today. It felt really good. And when I came up with this creation I was so happy I could Zing! Originally I was going to simply emboss the stamp in white on the black. Of course I changed my mind and decided I wanted to play with some items I have bought this year but not used: the chicken wire stencil and the perfect pearls. I have never used the perfect pearls before and wasn't sure about how to proceed. I remembered hearing people using them over versamark so off I went. I ruined a small brush in the process of applying the powder so I must find out how you are supposed to apply it. I am glad I went to the extra step of spraying it with Mum's hairspray as I later went on to add just that little bit of extra zing! Here's the first stage:


Do you get the idea that when life is closing in on you you need to breathe? I hope so. Well I thought, I could go one step further and add something else to express the pressures that close in on us. I grabbed a stamp (I won't reveal what just yet) and retrieved the mask from the bin where I had thrown it after the perfect pearls stage. Then I rummaged in the embossing powders for the right colour: red? brown? Grey? Grey was the winner and here's how it turned out:

Can you see the grey spidery lines running out from the centre? That's what I added and boy does it pop in real life! What stamp did I use? Why, a map stamp of all things! It was another stamp I had purchased and not used so I am feeling very smug. Here's a close up to show the detail:

If I may take [another] moment to brag, I would just like to say I love it! I loved it so much I wanted to zing! Why Zing and not Sing? Well, I used Zing embossing powder and I have hardly no voice after being sick all week :)


  1. you 'Zing' all you like ... it's fabulous. An awesome effect.

    1. Thanks Mrs Frizz for stopping by. Enjoy the long weekend. Even though you did mention clearing up the scrap space on your blog I hope you still get some time to create :)