Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here's one I prepared earlier - minus the rant

I am trying out a new way to upload photos here. Don't worry, I promise not to go off in a rant like last time (but only if it works).

This was a birthday card for someone special. I got to play with a [then] new stamp + die set from MFT. I have only just discovered this brand. I must confess to adding the typewriter die + stamp set to my stash. The confession is a bit late because I used the die + stamp  on my last card. I'm sure you noticed my faux pas? I also got to play with colouring seam binding ribbon that has been patiently waiting in my ribbon carton for a time just like this. It came out more orange than I thought considering I used a couple of red ink pads! No, I didn't get the wrong ink pots like in the last post!

This card may very well be my most favourite card ever made - if I was the kind who enjoyed making cards that is. The lattice technique is one I learned on the Simon Says Stamp blog and it is made from a Deep Lattice border punch - believe it or not! I think this is one technique I will be using again.

Wait! I think I just fell over in shock! It actually worked!!!! Wahooo! And I didn't even mutter (or do anything else unladylike) in the process :). This is great news for you all as it means you will see a few more posts from me soon as I have a long overdue thanks to say, a new card to share plus maybe a personal challenge. I shall leave you in suspense......

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