Saturday, April 4, 2015

Quick Planning with DIY Stickers

This year there has been an explosion in the planner industry and I will admit that I have caught the planner bug. Just call me #plannernerd. Did you know that Pink & Main has planner stamps? They even have a section dedicated to planner stamps on their website. If you, like me, are into planning I strongly suggest you check it out.

This week I wanted to share with you a tip that I use for my planning: creating planner stickers. They are so simple and quick to make. I stamp up everything I need and have them on hand for when I don't have time to dedicate to decorating my week in my planner. It means I can still be organised and decorate with little effort. The other great thing about using stickers is that you don't get ink bleed-through like you do when you stamp directly in your planner.

Credit Alert: I first saw this idea shown by Jennifer McGuire

All you need is some office label stickers, alcohol ink pens and your favourite planner stamps. First you colour the labels in with your alcohol ink pens:

Easy right? The second step is to stamp away with the stamps that fit your plans and life. I stamped words from Life Tasks in black archival ink on the coloured labels:

One of the things I have started doing in my planner is adding a space for gratitude on every day. Because the word Gratitude or Thanksgiving is too long for my stickers; I got inventive with my Pink & Main stamps. The Lucky Charm stamp set has a phrase Lucky You. I cut the words apart and used the word Lucky on my stickers as my daily gratitude marker. When I want to use the phrase as a whole later I just need to add both words to my stamping block. Here's my Lucky stickers:

Lastly, put those stickers to use in your planners:

As you can see I am using a standard spiral bound planner.  I like to decorate the week using supplies I have on hand. I may add leftovers from other projects, diecuts, stickers or pieces from recent purchases.  I also like to stamp positive sayings each week - in the week above I used the washi tape as my positive focus for that week: smile.  It is very handy that the new March release stamp set called Rose has a fancy script word Rose on it. I have a regular appointment with someone called Rose so I will use this a lot.

The reason I am focusing on planner stamps/stickers this week is because there may be a few 'developments' in the planning area here at Pink & Main.  I'm not at liberty to confirm or deny this rumour (that I'm starting) but let's just say I'm super excited. Just because there may be things 'developing' you still need the basics to start out with so don't forget to check out the other planning sets on the Pink & Main website here.

Life Tasks was my first purchase from Pink & Main and it gets used a lot in my weekly planner. I have added the other planner stamps to my collection but I just focused on Life Tasks for the Pink & Main blog post.  Below are some other stickers I created with Life Icons:

Life Icons is great for reminding me of my goals like Bible reading (books) and Saving ($ signs) as well as weekly tasks like Dog Walking (paw), Shopping (Cart), Photos (camera) and Emails (Envelope). The icons are great too for Meal Planning or Tracking Food Intake if that is something that you do. The coffee cup icons are food cafĂ© dates.

These are the two stamp sets I used for my stickers on the Pink & Main blog this week:

DT Amanda

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