Friday, November 2, 2012

The Mullet Card

Remember the mullet haircuts of the 80's? Business in the front, party in the back. I've decided that the card I've made for a couple of challenges is a mullet card. Why? Well, it is elegant in the front and completely the opposite on the inside. Why? I hear you ask. The recipient of this card is elegant, refined and gracious. When I use the word grace in any form I mean it's full capacity and this lady is gracious and graceful. We are very different personalities and she decided to 'adopt' me as her sister many years ago and I, in turn, have 'adopted' her daughter as my little sister. I don't know how she has remained so faithful when I am not refined, elegant or graceful. I'm hoping a little bit of her has rubbed off on me over the past years. (You will have to wait and see what the party bit is)

A Blog Named Hero had instructions for creating embossed lines on card fronts using your scoring board. It is a simple, yet elegant technique that I wanted to give a go. I'm not sure if you can see it but it is definitely a keeper technique. The doily is from a card technique trial that went horribly wrong; I mean didn't quite work out as planned. It is quite stiff and a little shiny now after a few layers of modge podge but nothing says elegance like doily so on it went. As usual I did not have a plan in mind when I started other than it had to have something-I-am-not-telling-you-yet and the scoring plus a punch to fit the theme for A Blog Named Hero. The something-I-am-not-revealing-yet fits the theme for Southern Girls Challenge blog.

Here's the business side of the mullet card:

Elegant right? I'm sure there was a challenge using pearls somewhere so if I can find it again I will submit it there too - doesn't matter that there is only one pearl right? Actually, it was a purple jewel at first then I thought a pearl might look better. Off to the Bling container in my stash I went (I know, sounding too organised with the Bling container - it won't happen regularly I promise). The pieces in the centre of the doily were going to be punches but it didn't look right. They are reeeeeeeally old pieces from my stash. That's more older items used - yay! I've decided that the sheets/packages that they came from are really not going to be used so I might start a collection to donate to hospice. They will be fun for the kids there I am sure. I would rather things be used than sit there.

I think you can see the 2 scored lines near the edges which was the scoring technique I mentioned. Bonus: the lines are debossed on the inside of the card making a natural frame for that side too.  I also had enough for-thought to make a 1/8" spine for my card so that it would accommodate the something-I -am-about-to reveal. Are you ready?

Remember the chickies? Here's the last one. For those of you new to the site chickies have a history between me and this wonderful lady's daughter (the one I 'adopted' as my little sister). I decided that my friend needed the last one on her Get Well Soon type card. The chickie side - with punch out speech bubble for the Southern Girl's Challenge- is the party part of the mullet card. Don't you agree? Totally opposite to the front. I did try to bring back the elegance on the part where I write my note with the washi tape - new to me from Freckled Fawn. Truth be told, and I usually admit, I mean tell you the truth, it covered extra score lines. You see, I did have the for-thought to score in a spine but at 1/4"not 1/8' as previously stated. It ended up being just that much too big. I re-scored it but this friend is a do-things-right, especially for other people, kind of person (I told you we were opposites). I grabbed some washi tape and that's how the colour scheme became purple and teal. Another truth: the purple card is from the afore mentioned technique gone wrong card. I may be a hoarder, but I'm not a waster of my supplies people!

Here's the info for the challenges I am entering this card in:

A Blog Named Hero: Challenge #15 The Ol' 1-2 Punch-  use punch outs or die-cuts (speech bubble)
BTW the speech bubble was punched out twice and glued together to give it some depth and strength.

Southern Girl's Challenge: #56 Animal Crackers - have an animal on it
Chickies count as animals right? Even if they are on the inside and not on the front.

One card, two challenges - not bad in my book. But please, nobody tell/show Miss 3. I mean it people! If she sees that this card is purple she will want it as purple is her thing. I've just remembered so are chickies! Her #2 birthday cake was a ducky. I must get this mullet card in the mail and out of the country asap.


  1. LOL Yes chickies count! Fabulous card, although I don't agree that it's a 'mullet' card. you did make me smile with your description though.

    Lovely card, I am sure your 'Graceful' friend will love it.

    Thanks for going 'Animal Crackers' with us this challenge.

    Kasey ~ in Oz
    Southern Girls DT

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kasey. When I saw SGC theme was animal crackers I just knew the last chicky was destined to be used :) bring back the mullet I say! [cards only] ;)

  2. What a cute card Manda! Love the rocket & the chickies! Tahnks for joining us at SGC!

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I'll be looking out for the next SGC challenge theme. Thanks for the inspiration.