Wednesday, November 7, 2012

She's At It Again!

Yup, I'm at it again. I'm trying to win a really cool prize. This one is even cooler than the previous shares. I mean, this is huge. One word: Prima Art Venture. Calm down, calm down. Stop the squealing and jumping up and down ladies. Breathe.

Here's the details as far as I know them: Jan 18-20
Leeza Gibbons plus 6 of Prima's educators including, wait for it, the awesome and local, Nic Howard! (Heidi Swapp is on the list too FYI). We so lucky!

Calm down, I mean it ladies! Just wait until I give you the link to Nic's site so you can enter too. Good luck to us all :)

Thanks Nic for the chance to win a day with you all. I tell ya, once this link is up and running I'm off to do some jumping, squealing and researching too.

(I just realised that this is not a NZ event, it is in California. Just a little FYI before the NZ ladies get too excited by my post)

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