Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thank You Mrs Frizz

Mrs Frizz had a giveaway on her blog because it was her birthday. Hmmm, perhaps I should've kept that to myself in case any of you get ideas. I was lucky to win. It turns out I was more than lucky because when the parcel arrived I was surprised at how much she sent me! I was expecting a card or two that she had made and a few left overs from projects that she had made - there was not one scrap in there I tell you. It was chocka with unopened packages of Prima flowers and bling and Kaisercraft wood veneers. There was even a recently released Kaisercraft stamp set. I was blown away, just blown away I tell you. I will get to the picture of the goodies but first I will show you how gorgeously she had packaged it - very Mrs Frizz style I must say.

Isn't that gorgeous? Of course I set the trims and lace aside for another project. No wastage here. I've never actually seen the white feathery kind before so I look forward to reusing it elsewhere. I've just realised that the purple tissue will be perfect for wrapping things for Miss 3 who still loves all things purple. Thank goodness her mummy, the BFF, gave me a purple inkpad recently because the one single purple marker I had has been getting a work out over the last few years on all her cards. I digress so as promised, here is the picture of the contents. Be prepared to ohhh and ahhhh.

Some of the items, like the Prima swirls and flowers, are things I had seen, admired and drooled over but not purchased because of the cost. What a lucky, lucky girl am I. I was reflecting on this the other day as it has been a really challenging year for me this year. I won't go into detail but I've never had a year quite like it. Even though I have struggled and had my whole world turned upside down at times, some amazingly lucky things have also happened for me. Like winning this prize and a few others this year. I chose to look at the positive and believe you choose your attitude no matter what the situation. Thanks Mrs Frizz for being a positive moment this year and for brightening my day.

Mrs Frizz is on the contributing team for Kaisercraft and has her own blog. I am inspired by her work both on her blog and the Kaisercraft one. Here's the link for her blog because you know I like to give credit and thanks where it is due:

Thanks Mrs Frizz, you made my day :)


  1. You are welcome ... look forward to seeing your creativity.

    1. One of those gorgeous Prima flowers is destined for the cover of a mini album/journal gift for a friend. I'm hoping sharing the love keeps karma happy :)