Monday, January 19, 2015

Fresh Start and New Beginnings

It's that time of year again. The new year tends to get us thinking about the year ahead and what we want to achieve. I don't usually set new years resolutions but this year I did write down a list of things I want to focus on this year. I hope I look back at it from time to time and see where I am at with the goals (or focus points).

One of the items on my list is to get into the Word and Ministry more - ie,  read my Bible! I saw this goal when I was transferring my focus list (note avoidance of words: New Years Resolution) to a layout I did recently and it gave me the kick in the butt to actually read a chapter (I did two). Truth be told, I hadn't actually read anything from my Bible since compiling my list in the new year! One of the things I have been looking at recently is the idea of #illustratedfaith and #journalingbible.  I was introduced to the concept via the blog of Shanna Noel (the link to her blog is here ).  I am so amazed at what these ladies are creating in their Bibles! As much as I admire their faith and work (and commitment to reading the Word which I seem to lack!), I am not ready to paint in my beloved Bible! Besides, the pages are wafer thin in mine so everything will show through. However, after reading my Bible recently (Mark 7-8), after getting the guilt trip from reading my focus list, I had this idea to document my understanding through art/craft. In layman's terms, I was busy doing something else when my mind kept turning the idea over in my head of just simply adding a heart to my Bible in the section I was touched about. Then it snowballed into: what if I made the heart openable! Bingo! I put aside the task I was doing and got to work. 5 minutes and I was done and satisfied. I had done #jounalingbible and #illustratedfaith for the first time! It was on a much smaller scale than others do but I did it, and I enjoyed it. Here's my proof:

If you are wondering I was touched by Jesus saying that it is not the things outside of man that man takes in that defile us but rather it is the things within man, within our heart, that defile us. Basically, it is not the keeping of ordinances that defile us but the person we are within ourselves, our heart, that defiles us: sin, anger, covetousness, adultery etc. That's a very brief description.

I am entering my little creation in two challenges this week:
Inspiration Emporium - Fresh Start. The new year is a time to have a fresh start and make resolutions (read the Word).  The first time I have done #illustrated faith too so that's definitely a fresh start as I can see myself doing this again in the future.  The details are here .
Southern Girls Challenge - New Beginnings or Firsts. This is the first time I have done this and the new year brings in a new beginning with new resolutions (read the Word). The details are here .

Materials: Paper (from my scraps), Punch, Pen (American Crafts), Adhesive (Xyron).


  1. Thanks for playing along with our "New Beginnings" challenge at the Southern Girls Challenge. Cathy xx

    1. Thanks for visiting Cathy! I'm looking forward to all your inspiration and challenges at SGC this year.