Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Don't Look At My Bottom

Although I haven't posted anything since the beginning of March I have been creating I promise (and a little bit of online shopping). I played around with a wooden box I bought in December last year and entered it for a competition online. I didn't win - I didn't expect to as it is not spectacular. I am really happy with it and going over the top with frou frou and bits n bobs is not my style. It needs to be practical and useful for my daily life. I'm not sure yet where to put it and what to use it for. Obviously you would think store travel items in it but I may store mini albums in it as well as memorabilia.

Just because I have step by step photos I will do a long, photo heavy post showing you what I did. Do not be fooled - this does not mean that it is technically difficult or challenging! It is really basic, simple stuff but it was a requirement of the competition to photograph it step by step so I might as well use the photos. Forgive the terrible photo quality: Sun streaming in the window on overflowing desk do not a good picture make.

This is the original box (a steal at $15). The pictures on top and front are cute and whimsy but not my style so they had to 'disappear'.

Next I needed to select colours - I had a new 'shipment' of product arrive at my door so I had a couple of distress paint options to work with. I painted my options on the bottom of the box to test how they would look on the wood.

The washi tape I actually used had fallen off when I took that picture! I decided on a blue distress stain and Bundled Sage distress paint. I wanted the wood + stain to look very beachy and whitewashed. I think it looks good - just ignore the cutesy pictures for now.

Next I used the distress paint on the edges of the box.

I added Washi Tape to the top edges, painted the hinges with the distress paint and added paper to the top and front. Ta Da!

Here's a close up of the hinge - I really like how it turned out.

I left the sides blank with the stain as I like the whitewash look. I thought if I covered the sides the box would look to heavy too.

Remember the second photo showing how I choose the colours? I decided to leave the bottom as it was. Seriously, who is likely to turn it over to look? If you were the kind of person who was worried about your bottom you could either paint it or add felt to cover it. As for me; I just hope no body looks at my bottom! :)

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