Thursday, May 3, 2012

The fastest card in the West

Why is it the night before that you remember you need a card? Better than the day after I guess. This was the quickest card I have ever made - under 20 mins. I don't usually use premade embellishments (especially ones as gaudy as the chickies) but I bought them especially for a friend as chickies have a history with us. We had to deliver a parcel to the aforementioned friend before she left on a trip; I decided to whip up a bon voyage card with the aforementioned chickies. The paper came from a Webster's Pages paper pack that came free with the latest Australian Cards Magazine. As I flipped through I thought that particular paper would go unused in my stack (putting it politely). That was until I realised it would go nicely with the chickies! A match was made and a card was created in no time at all.

To be honest the time would've been quicker if I had more space to work with and if I didn't have to clear a space on my overflowing workspace to create it in. I did clean the stamps and put them back in the boxes after (but I will admit to leaving them on the desk).  I don't know why I am openly sharing my disorder: I should feel safe as the clean-as-you-go freaks should know not to read my blog by now! :) Anyway, it's still the fastest card in the West in my book.

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