Monday, April 23, 2012

Credit Where Credit is Due

In the weekend I made a card based on a card I had seen on the Scrappin' Patch Blog. I thought I was on to it making my Mother's Day card ahead of time instead of the usual mad dash to make a card the night before an event. Then I remembered that a certain special lady had a birthday only a couple of days later. What a stroke of luck that I had enough of the same DCWV paper to recreate the Mother's Day card with a birthday twist! I even managed to break out some of the $2 Washi Tape (Score!) I bought recently. In retrospect I would've used the red washi tape on the inside of the rosette instead of the pale blue one which you can't really see well as it is too pale. I don't want to load my Mother's Day card until after the event so you won't be able to compare the differences. I might also be holding back so that May's blog post is sorted in advance ;)
Forgive the not so perfect photo shots and the messy background. I only cleared enough space on my desk to complete the cards - maybe I should've began this blog with a warning for all the 'clean as you go' people?
Credit where credit is due: I came across the original card on the Scrappin' Patch blog (sorry, I can't find the original post or the owner's name)
Let's hope that I haven't forgotten any other important events that need a card asap.

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