Sunday, November 26, 2017

You May Not Need That Latest Gadget

That's right, the shopaholic just said: you may not need that latest gadget!

A new gadget was just released by a well known male crafter, and a well known craft manufacturer.  When I saw it, I thought: that looks the same as my sidekick I bought many years ago only in a different colour.  (I choose red over brown any day). I ordered a new, and tiny die recently and I thought that it would be easier if I could cut the die with my old, trusty sidekick rather than pull out my regular die machine (Ebosser).

The first setback was realising that when I purchased my sidekick, thin metal dies were not on the market.  It only cut the steel dies embedded in the plastic frame.  Now is about the time you might point out that the new gadget would cut all of the current die sizes, thus rendering it useful.  I, of course, was not going to be beaten at the first hurdle.  I played around with different, self-made 'shims' to account for the lack of plastic frame on thin metal dies.  The final sandwich involved adding: a piece of chipboard covered on both sides with patterned paper from my scraps stash and a plain embossing folder sized to fit the sidekick.

The plain embossing folder may shear over time but I could cut new plastic shims out of product packaging or some other thick, solid material.

It's always good to look at older supplies and give them some love again.

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