Friday, May 8, 2015

Pink & Main Planner - Sneak Peeks

Remember when there was a rumour there were new planner sets coming soon? Yeah, the rumour I started. Well, from my April posts you would have seen some of them but two more are being released this month - yes, 2 more! Happy me!

For my weekly planning I use a spiral bound, week to view diary. I'm a firm believer in using what you have. Yes, I have fancy memory planners but I need something to keep me organised day to day, week to week. My fancy memory planners are for memory keeping and I use my daily diary/planner as a reference of what was happening at the time in my life that should go in the memory planner when I'm ready to record in there. That doesn't mean my weekly diary is plain and boring - no, sirree! I spend a small amount of time on a Sunday prepping and decorating my diary for the week. I truly love this time of creation.

For this week's blog post I thought I would show you a week in my diary where I have used Pink & Main stamps. I find the Planning Work stamp set vital for my Pink & Main commitments.  There are a lot of other Pink & Main stamp sets I used on this weeks spread but I can't name them yet as they aren't released just yet (soon!). My pages are white but I decided to colour them with spray ink this week. I used Antique Linen thinking that it would be yellow, unfortunately it turned out more like a tea stain colour! Here's the week as a whole:

In the following page close-up you can see I have an areas of dead space that I don't really use in my diary so I use that space to put in my goals and funny or encouraging sayings. I couldn't resist using the Gnome One Like You stamp (sssh - it's a sneak peek). It is not only funny but a positive thought for my week.

As you can see I use a combination of direct stamping, stamping on paper/washi and diecuts in my weekly spreads. Stickers also get used a lot too - especially when I am time poor.  I like the ease of stamps (same thing every week but in a different colour) and the mix of different elements. Usually I have a dashboard which includes a To Do list. For this week I included a Post-It stamped with some of the new planner stamps instead. I can write my To Do list and move it around the week as things get overlooked or moved to later in the week (real life baby!)

My goals stay the same each week but the way I display them is unlimited.  I used images from Get Fit to document my exercise and weight goals combined with a stamp from the new planner release. It feels kind of embarrassing to show them here but I do actually note this in my diary (maybe not the weight every week- I'm not that obsessed).

As a bonus for readers of my blog I am going to show you some Post-Its I made for my planner and show you the completed week to show you how it looks at the end of the week.

First up is the Post-Its I stamped with the new planner stamps:

Last up is my finished week. I will admit I may have thought about what goes in and what gets left out considering this was going to be used here! I use Frixion Erasable pens - perfect for days when things get moved.  I was inspired by the BFF telling me she got to read her Granddad's diary recently and it even had the daily weather (he was a farmer). Taking a leaf from her Granddad's diary (pun intended) I added the daily weather with the Weather stamp set. I also added some emoji faces with the Moody stamp set.  These were stamped in a pale grey ink so that they weren't too prominent but  I don't think they show up well in the photo.

You can find the Planner stamps here and the New Releases stamps here (when they are released - soon!)

DT Amanda

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