Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Broke the Rules (again)

It is not unexpected that I have broken the rules (again) as I've never been good with them but this time I broke one of my own rules! The rule I broke was this one: if I made the present, you don't get a handmade card. I figure if I went to all the effort of making you a gift then I can be excused from making a card. Don't you remember me confessing that I hate making cards? Well, I made my mother a birthday gift and I made her a card as well. Even though I still do detest making cards I really like how this turned out. I finally got to use the MS Buttefly punch I purchased a while back - see, I knew it would come in handy, that's why I had to buy it :)

My Mum has the same recipe book I remember from my childhood as well as a newer exercise book she adds new recipes to and several old, battered, long out of print recipe books. There are pages falling out of all the books (looseleaf A4 photocopies, handwritten recipes, and pages ripped from magazines) and the ones that are still in the books are barely hanging in there by yellowing sellotape. Some still have their own covers but most don't. I decided to make her a recipe book using a ringbinder folder where she could store copies of all her tried-and-true recipes in an organised way as well as plenty of space for new recipes. My Mum is not an overly Fru-fru kind of lady so I kept the design very simple and matched it to her current kitchen colours.

I copied some of her most used recipes - ok, I admit it, the ones I like the most - and have placed them in the folder. I have created some labels and dividers for her and have included extras for her to use to her preferences (with adhesive already attached). I wouldn't mind one of these babies for myself now.

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